The Test and Validation engineer will need to have a good working knowledge of the system which is under scrutiny. They will have access to the full suite of functional and non functional requirements for the system under test in order to write the test plan. This ensures that each individual requirement is broken down with the associated test method and a pass or fail criteria is defined for each one with the correct measurement units.

Some tests can be automated if many different functions need to be tested at regular intervals. If this is the case it might be necessary to employ one of the numerous test and simulation hardware and software packages on the market such as dSPACE/Simulink or National Instruments/LabVIEW.

The Core Responsibilities Could Cover:

  • Developing and executing test plans which validate the assigned products or systems paying attention to the different potential variants
  • Development of most efficient test methods including automation to be repeatable, reproducible and decrease test time
  • Develop test timing that achieves the Project milestones
  • Use company error logging system to methodically record test failures and feed back to Design & Engineering team
  • Record appropriate test data and measurements taken during the test, anlayse against the pass and fail criteria
  • Liaise with external Test Houses to assign specific specialised tests and monitor progress
  • Generate test and sign-off report

Experience/Skills Required

  • Must have created and executed test plans previously
  • Ideally has experience as a Test Engineer within the specific engineering industry
  • Methodical approach and attention to detail
  • Effective communicator demonstrating highly developed interpersonal skills
  • Motivated individual able to work with little supervision
  • General engineering degree or Electrical Electronics degree equivalent if required to carry out test automation scenarios

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