An experienced Project Manager can move across multiple industries due to the transferable nature of their skills. This includes Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Rail Engineering and Public Sector project development to name but a few.

As Project Manager you will have overall project control and responsibility. You will need to make timely decisions, carefully weighing up the risks to the project. People management is at the heart of this rewarding role requiring you to co-ordinate and use the wider skills of your team to drive the project to conclusion.

The Core Responsibilities Would Cover:

  • Defining the project scope and deliverables
  • Defining the timing and sequence of activities with the key stakeholders
  • Specifying the correct resources
  • Lay out the plan, this is normally done in a gantt chart format
  • Develop and obtain buy in at senior level to the Project Charter which commits resources to the project
  • Identify the project risks and mitigations
  • Prepare the budget and cashflow forecast
  • Define the project governance e.g team structure; meeting schedules; escalation; how will decisions be made?
  • Define how the project will be monitored and how the status will be reported
  • Develop quality control plan
  • Generate Project closure report including lessons learned

The Project Manager needs to have resilience, tenacity and a calm disposition demonstrating a professional attitude in the face of circumstances which may be out of their control. It is their job to be able to react accordingly and adapt the plan if necessary to bring the project back under control if a deliverable is threatened. Whether the project is related to electrical systems, embedded software or manufacturing, a project manager is essential.

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