The role of an electrical systems engineer may cover all areas of the design, development and delivery within the engineering lifecycle. You would be expected to develop specifications for complex systems which may need to conform to strict safety standards; manage and solve technical issues; create release documentation; generate intellectual property and ensure the system meets all specified requirements.

Electrical systems engineers will research, design, develop and test a variety of systems ready for production implementation. An electrical systems engineer will coordinate the creation of sign-off documentation in order to demonstrate compliance appropriate to the specific engineering sector.

Systems engineers work within the Automotive, Network Communication, Energy Generation, Defence and Rail Industry. They will almost certainly be responsible for the management and delivery of their specific part of the project within a fixed timeframe. This will include project planning, project tracking and may include management of budgets.

Due to the broad nature of the role it will be necessary to collaborate directly with client, the wider engineering team, suppliers and other professionals throughout the duration of the project whilst working to the company process.


Skills and Experience


Typically, an Electrical Systems Engineer will have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering or equivalent or have a proven track record and experience in the sector or industry. Along with systems engineering experience, engineers will have hardware and software development experience with an understanding of designing electronic/electrical systems enabling complex system integration.

Electrical system engineers may be required to have project management experience and be able to conduct electronic control unit development and software test verification.

These technical skills should be complimented with traditional abilities such as problem-solving, presentation skills, self-motivation, management of complex data, report writing, strong analytical skills, and the ability to behave as a team player.

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