Advanced Rail Systems Engineering Solutions

By utilising our extensive consulting knowledge and the latest transport technology, we can provide innovative solutions in rail systems architecture and transport modernisation. Working with everything from rail electrification to network signalling and train control systems, our team can create the right plan for your next transport upgrade.

We will work with your team to maximise the efficiency and performance of your current rail infrastructure and rolling stock. As we work closely with you and your team, we will help you deliver your essential programmes and gain long-term value from your investments.

Our engineering consultants can offer solutions which can be applied to the rail engineering sector including:

  • Developing current systems
  • Modernising rail infrastructure
  • Improving performance and system continuity
  • Rail procurement programmes
  • Advanced product quality planning
  • Value analysis and value engineering
  • Protecting data from cyber threats
  • Technical recruitment

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Why Choose EES Rail Technology Engineering Systems?

From Initial Planning to Project Delivery

If you are in the initial planning stages or you need to upgrade complex rail systems, our team has the knowledge you need. We will work with clients on technical rail programmes to find the latest innovations and methods to fit the project requirements. Working with us will help you deliver your new schemes on time and to budget.  Our proprietary Systems Engineering methodology will ensure your requirements are developed robustly from the outset reducing costly downstream churn.


Advanced Rail Systems Designed For You

Protecting your systems and data from cyber threats is an essential part of any rail project which is taken into account using our development process. Our highly specialised recruitment team can also help with finding the right people for your organisation efficiently and with minimum disruption to our clients. If you are looking to add a new member of staff or need a new team for an ongoing project, we provide technical recruitment assistance e.g. Overhead Line Engineers, Qualified Railway Track Engineers, Railway Research Engineers etc.

To find out more about our rail engineering consultancy service, contact us today.

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If you need help with a new project or require our rail engineering consultants to assist with an ongoing process, contact us today. We can also assist with advanced product quality planning (APQP), value analysis and value engineering, coaching and recruitment.

Everything we do is underpinned by our unique Systems Engineering process.

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