Maritime Architecture Engineering Solutions

EES Solutions are here to help you develop your capabilities and take advantage of new technologies to meet the challenges of the changing maritime industry. We will help your business find success in a digital, virtual world, with bespoke engineering solutions and recruitment in marine technology and marine architecture.

We are expert consultants in systems engineering, innovation, and technology which can be applied to Maritime engineering. Our engineering experience will help to solve maritime transportation system problems, putting us in the position to help you with:


  • Developing a successful team with permanent and contract technical recruitment and talent development
  • Assisting transformation into the digital age to meet and exceed the changing needs of your clients
  • Streamlining your business model by developing practices that work smarter
  • Reducing costs through the use of new technologies
  • Envisioning and developing flexible technology strategies to drive resilience and performance
  • Driving technical change that is robust and timely
  • Addressing environmental and sustainability issues

Our Maritime Engineering Team Can Help With

System Requirements

System Modelling

System Design

Product Development

Why Choose EES Maritime Engineering Systems?

Design and Development Assistance

EES Solutions will help you with all aspects of complex electrical system design suitable for navel system architecture through to implementing autonomous ship technologies. Our clients select us because of our understanding of the innovation and complexities required to make system work in engineering environments.


Design Engineering Solutions For You

You can trust us to consult with and empower your teams to achieve the results and growth that your business needs. From the initial planning stage of projects to ongoing modifications and logistical systems, EES Solutions can give you the tools you need.

Unrivalled Knowledge and Expertise

Contact our experienced team today for a consultation on strategy introduction, technical recruitment, business restructuring, and operational and systems optimisation. We will provide you with a full solution for the project you are undertaking.

Call EES today on 01827 62678

If you need help with a new project or require our maritime consultants to assist with an ongoing process, contact us today. We can also assist with advanced product quality planning (APQP), value analysis and value engineering, coaching and recruitment.

Everything we do is underpinned by our unique Systems Engineering process.

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