Our Systems Engineering Toolkit

With our extensive experience in developing new vehicle features, which is supported by our unique Systems Engineering framework, we have the tools you need.

With our EES tool you can see your “light bulb” idea develop from concept to a fully defined and refined solution.

For the first time a Systems Engineering Toolkit was created by the team of EES Solutions. Extensive research and study found that over 80% of design faults could be traced back to a loosely defined concept. So, when it came to designing the toolkit and the processes it used, a focused effort was required as time was at a premium.


The Product Development Life Cycle 

The product development life-cycle begins at the product development stage and this is where the greatest impact can be made. During the capture stage of design, there are many complex steps to take before a concept can become viable. Within these complexities, managing and remaining on track are essential. The smallest deviation can greatly change the outcome in the final product.

We have simplified this complex process into manageable steps within our programme. The EES system promotes and provides a robust and structured approach to systems development. With Processes, Methods, Tools, and Templates, the programme enable engineers to first understand the needs, then manage and develop a solution over its “cradle to grave” life-cycle.

Traceability and controlled change management are at its core. In order to deliver effective product and development solutions, traceability is vital. Our system allows the team to have full visibility for validation testing, auditing, and other reporting requirements

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