Experts In Testing Client Systems

EES Solutions are experts in testing client systems through a varied range of solutions. We emulate production-like scenarios with the design and build of hardware in the loop test rigs, and their associated software.

Our control structure testing loop solution ensures testing completely focuses on loop construct validity and covers both auto-test and manual tests. The EES test rigs include National Instrument and dSPACE based systems, where validation occurs in a simulated environment of its intended purpose, sometimes referred to as condition testing.

Our end-to-end solution includes:

  • Navigation system HMI
  • ADAS system with HMI interfaces
  • Software and HMI with multi-screen hardware, incorporating image fault recognition

We begin with capturing your requirements and proceed onto end-to-end design, component design, development, and environment set up and execution. Following on from the rig build and commissioning, EES Solutions conducts software testing and hardware testing, on behalf of the client. Our highly-trained engineering experts interpret the results, analyse the test data (data validation testing), and give resolution advice.

End-to-end testing, sometimes called chain testing, ensures that applications flow correctly from start to finish. EES Solutions ensure data integrity between individual system components, interconnected sub systems, external interfaces, and networks. Our service also includes the checking of external interfaces to affirm that they perform correctly.

We pride ourselves on creating bespoke engineering solutions that will satisfy your needs. Our approach is dynamic and flexible and our lead engineering consultants will support your project through to completion.

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