Transform Waste Into Opportunity


Make informed decisions from the EES Solutions analysis of your company data. Our data analytics consultants are positioned to help you achieve better performance in a world that generates huge volumes of data from customers, systems, and digitised processes.

Your company can make meaning of your data to provide valuable and actionable insights that will give you a competitive edge. Our AI consultants use data sets to draw meaningful insights to solve problems and enhance your business intelligence capabilities.

Your company’s needs can be met by our tailored and bespoke service, providing an end-to-end assessment and service implementation. Our team of data analytics consultants is highly-experienced in leveraging big data to develop future innovations and products.

Blending engineering expertise, data science with an applied systems engineering approach to resolve complex problems. From identifying and forecasting where potential successes and failures lie, to navigating developmental paths with informed decisions, EES Solutions provide the advanced data science consulting you can rely on.

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Business Analytics To Help Your Company Grow 

Unlock your next level of performance with our experienced AI consultants by developing comprehensive technological roadmaps. Our data analytics consultants have a deep understanding and technical expertise that will support your journey and business transformation. We develop strategies in design, planning, and implementation based on critical data stack trends.

Drive your targeted business outcomes with the technical engineering skills of our data analytics consultants, creating flexible solutions that help with technology enablement. Our strategic AI consultants use modern data architecture, visualisation, and business intelligence, coupled with performance management with evidence-based insights that let you drive targeted business outcomes. 

If you are looking to make the most of opportunities and develop investment strategies through business analytics consulting, EES Solutions’ AI consulting solution is for you. 

Technology Working For You, Not Against You

Depending how you use your data, it can either work for you or against you. Use yours to unlock your next level of performance. 

Harnessing modern data processing methods and business intelligence, and combining this with performance management and evidence-based insights. Helping you to preserve valuable time, resources and money, which can be better used in achieving your business goals.

At EES, we get your data working for you, using it proactively to:

  • Minimise waste 
  • Maximise use of resources 
  • Reduce negative environmental impact 
  • Decrease costs
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction.

Our approach

  1. Taking the time to understand and define your problem
  2. Define the technology solution for you
  3. Agree on a prioritised plan
  4. Implement the plan. 

Our Services

Data engineering / re-engineering

Using engineering and IT expertise to assess your current capabilities against desired state (improved design, optimised delivery of service and equipment to achieve the desired infrastructure and system capability to support or enhance digitalisation).

Output: A full data enabled systems and infrastructure.

Data transformation

Forensic analysis of data that brings about a deep understanding of cause and effect, producing intelligence to support proactive and effective improvements.

Output: IT solution (software model based on engineering know-how) and insights that enables your data analysts to act with predictive and prognostic capabilities.

Data visualisation

Providing a software visualisation tool, which presents data in a usable format specific to each stakeholder, by either adapting an existing or creating a bespoke solution.

Output: A bespoke or an integrated software visualisation tool.

Prescriptive solution

An adaptive system that is designed to constantly learn and provide automated call to action responses, based on an understanding of cause and effect trends and actions taken.

Output: A bespoke engineering-driven decision making software tool.

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