Bespoke Engineering Solutions

We make it our business to work with our clients to understand their requirements and develop solutions that meet their needs. Your expectation should be that we shall do the same for you!

Engineering Experts

EES prides itself on delivering bespoke engineering solutions to satisfy our client’s needs. Through our flexible and dynamic approach, our lead engineering consultants will listen to your requirements and support your project to completion.

Everything we do is underpinned by our Robust Systems Engineering approach. This ensures a robust and timely delivery.

Our services encompass all areas of the design and delivery lifecycle from lightbulb moment to a fully validated design ready for production. Our individually tailored services include working with our clients to scope out the vision for their system or product, requirements generation, system definition, detailed design and system modelling (using Unified Modelling Language UML and Systems Modelling Language SysML), product development through to validation and verification.

We are highly trained system engineers who understand your language. Our team has long-standing industry experience. Our portfolio includes activities in the Rail, Automotive, Energy, and Defence Sectors. We also have the capacity to operate at your premises or off-site as the situation demands.

As a company we boast a management team with more than 70 years of industry experience.

Our Engineering Services

Systems Engineering

The EES tool develops your “light bulb” idea to a fully defined solution.

EES has extensive experience in developing new vehicle features supported by our unique Systems Engineering framework.

A Systems Engineering Toolkit was created for the first time by EES Solutions – A focused effort was required as time was at a premium and our study found that over 80% of design faults could be traced back to a loosely defined Concept. The greatest impact on effective product design can be made at this requirement capture stage of the design lifecycle. We have simplified this complex process into manageable steps within our programme.

The system promotes and provides a robust and structured approach to systems development. Supported by a set of Processes, Methods, Tools, and Templates which enable engineers to first understand the needs, then manage and develop a solution over its “cradle to grave” life cycle. Traceability and controlled change management are at its core.

End-to-end Testing

EES can demonstrate a range of solutions for testing client systems. These include the design and build of both software and hardware in the loop test rigs (both manual and auto-test). EES test rigs include dSPACE and National Instrument based systems to simulate the intended environment to validate. Examples are as follows:

  • Multi-screen hardware, software and HMI, including image fault recognition
  • ADAS system HMI interfaces
  • Navigation system HMI

After rig build and commissioning we can undertake the hardware and software testing on behalf of our clients. In addition, we can analyse the test data, interpret the results and offer advice on the resolution.

Innovation Consultancy

We all have big ideas, but not all of them can be turned into action. Primarily as an electrical engineering consultancy, EES has supported the generation of client technology road maps enabling the development of multiple concepts. We have also filtered for suitability as saleable future products and scoped the customer experience.

One of our key clients benefited with the definition of more than 300 new features. Through coaching, facilitation, authoring, and peer-reviewing, these features were installed in the majority of their new vehicles.

Engineering Consultancy

Our top engineering consultants are always on hand to support you and your business goals. Whether you require our expertise to integrate complex systems near the completion of your project or need our assistance from the very beginning, you can rely on EES to get the job done. With our wealth of expertise across a plethora of industries, our talented team can dissect your problems, help you with an alternative solution if required and provide you with a successful outcome. 

For electrical engineering consultants through to automotive, rail and aircraft systems engineering consultancy services, contact EES Solutions today.

Everything we do is underpinned by our unique Systems Engineering process.

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