Aviation Engineering Solutions

With our aviation engineering services, you have access to consultants that understand the complexities of the industry. In a rapidly evolving world, your aviation technologies have to handle the current situation but also adapt to future demands.

Our extensive systems engineering knowledge allows us to operate as aviation consultants, making us a top choice of aerospace engineering companies with the vision you need.

We work across the industry and we are ready to work with:


  • Aviation supply chain
  • Aviation regulatory bodies
  • Governments
  • Investors
  • Airports
  • Airlines

Our Aircraft Engineering Team Can Help With

System Requirements

System Modelling

System Design

Product Development

Professional Aerospace Engineering Experts

As part of our aviation engineering consultancy service, you will have access to experts in design and integration for aircraft engineering and aircraft technology. Our consultants can work with you and your project team to achieve success using the latest innovations and strategies.

Understanding the complexities and multiple disciplines in aircraft mechanical engineering and aviation project fulfilment means we can handle all aspects of your project. From initial strategies and implementation ideas to completion, the EES Solutions aviation consultants are on hand when you need them.

Why Choose EES For Aviation Engineering Systems?

Innovative Solutions Across All Sectors

With our diverse team of experts, we can deliver innovative solutions and work with clients across the aviation industry. We can work with clients such as governments, navigation service providers, investors, and airlines, so we have experience at all levels.


Drive Your Projects Forward

Providing our expertise helps our clients to drive their aviation engineering projects to commercial and operational success. Our experts in electronic system design operate as aviation consultancy and are ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technologies and innovations in aviation and aerospace engineering.

Unrivalled Knowledge and Expertise

EES Solutions aviation consultants can advise on the best strategies for investments and restructuring. We will help you improve the commercial success of your business using the latest technology. With a focus on operational improvement and an overview of security and network defence, our team can provide a full solution for your project.

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If you require aviation consultancy services for a new project or need help with improving your current systems, contact EES Solutions today.

Everything we do is underpinned by our unique Systems Engineering process.

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